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Sifter cleaners are used for the initial and thorough cleaning of various kinds of grain. Whole design of the construction and the sifter ensure the effective use of the device.


Cleaning is carried out by a wide hopper, wherein on the upper sieve material is separated from the coarse impurities. Pre-cleaned seed, goes to the bottom sieve to finally separate the wheat from small debris. All the impurities are discharged outside the cleaner. Sifters can be changed depending on the type of raw material and operating mode (pre-cleaning or thorough cleaning).

Output [t/h] * Do 90
Mass [kg] 1200
Number of sieves [pcs.] 4
Number of engines [pcs.] 1
Area of sifters [m3] 3,15 - 6,3
Engine power [kW] 0,75 kW
Voltage [V/N/PE] 230/400

* The output depends on many factors, including kind of grain, humidity, quantity of impurities and the cleaning mode.